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JDM 2005 LGT 1 Din Cubby install


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Well, we did the install today. Here goes:


1. Power/Accessory. We took accessory and power from the back of the head unit. Simply pluck out the wire from the white connector, re-crimp with the one from the new unit. Plug in white connector BACK into factory radio.

2. Speaker Wires. Car had an amplifier under the seat. The speaker wires were there. Took powered signal from after-market AMPS and plugged into each door speaker wire under the passenger seat.

3. Antenna. The antenna in the factory radio is a dual antenna system. cut it off on the factory radio side, connect the one with the red wire to your aftermarket radio. I had to cut off the aftermarket radio and splice it in. Clip in with original part.




..Now that i've typed all that I forgot I didn't install the USB cable to the radio :/




Will update with photos later

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