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2013 Impreza


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I'm considering buying a 2013 Impreza sedan with CVT transmission. This will replace my 2002 Regal (if I can sell it, that is.... car is fine, but we've gotten our use out of it- time to go) and will be primarily driven by my daughters. My Legacy stays... we like the car.


I'm looking for thoughts, advice on the Impreza, since I've just started looking.... I value your collective input!

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Pretty nice small car imo. There is a lot more room than previous body styles. The CVT is uninspiring, but paired with the 2.0 and awd will make a nice safe dd for your kids that gets pretty decent mileage.


I test drove a few when my wife thought she wanted one. I had her test drive the 14 fxt... That's what's in the drive now.


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