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Car got hit, how to deal with insurance?

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My car was involved in a hit and run accident this past weekend, I've never had to deal with an insurance claim in my life so I would like to know my options:


A drunk driver hit my car and was caught. At the time I wasn't able to get his insurance information. I went to get a police report to get his information and they said it will take up to 14 days to get that information. I didn't want to wait that long to get my car fixed so I filed a claim with my insurance to get it fixed, then they will go after his insurance to get their money back.


So I went and got an estimate on my damage and they quoted me a little over $3,000 for repair. My main question is, if I just hold out to get this guy's insurance information will they just cut me a check for $3,000?


If I hold out and get that check I figure I can repair the car myself for under $1500. All I would have to do is order these parts and get them painted to match my car:









This is the before picture. Today I spent about 5 min and cleaned the wheel up to look new (which they wanted to replace for $190), spent about 10 min with a clay bar and made the rear quarter panel look good, and if I spend some more time on the rear door will look just as good.





So basically I would have to buy 2 trim pieces, get them painted and I can put them on myself. Right now I owe $2500 on this car, ideally I'd like to fix it up then take the money I make from this claim and pretty much pay it off. Like I said this is the first time in my life I've ever had to deal with an insurance claim, what would you do???

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... I'm not sure on the details, but you may have to get chummy with a mechanic to put in a claim for $somanydollars.

The insurance company may want to choose a garage of their choice, it all depends on the company.


Wait it out, don't bother fixing it yourself, or taking it to a garage until you know the details. If you go for a flying start, you may be just creating more bother for yourself

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