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Changing HU but not speakers


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I'm about to go down the double din road and upgrade the head unit in my 05 Legacy, it currently has the GX-203JE standard kenwood and want something a bit better, ie ipod connectivity etc.


Anyway, I have have read plenty of the threads on here and have got some great tips and things to be wary of..., what I haven't seen and would I would like to hear?.. has anyone just replaced the head unit only and left in the standard speakers and been happy with the result?.. or to get a good result you need to do the speakers as well?.


I don't wish to put big subwoofers in the back or anything like that, just like to plug in the ipod and get a good sound...


Cheers in advance..

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You can swap to a better quality head unit and instantly improve upon the sound. Don't expect concert like quality, but you WILL hear a difference. Don't get caught up in brands, buy what suits your needs and nothing else that you won't use. Good luck and enjoy the sounds...
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