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Any shift boots available for the automatic?


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I have been wanting to add a leather shift boot to my 4eat for a while now but I can't seem to find any. Red Line Goods offers it for the auto impreza but not the legacy. Does anyone know if those will fit? Or is there any other available?


Btw I'm not trying to make it look like I have a mt, I just think it looks nice.



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Make friends with someone that has a sewing machine and make one! I did this one in approx 45 minutes. It was the 3rd time Ive ever used a sewing machine. 1st time was practice. 2nd time was ebrake boot. And 3rd time was shifter boot. Didnt come out exactly how I wanted, but cost me hardly anything.






I was going for a tighter fit around the top, but meh...stays up on its own and I can always make another one. Just 4 triangles based on the sides of the trim ring.



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