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How many Cat for BL5 GT

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I drive BL5 2.0 GT and plan for going track next month.

Think of temporary remove Cat .

But I heard BL5 have total of 3 Cat which i thought only 1 Cat.


Another question is , if I remove Cat, will there have "engine check"

alarm, what happen will the engine check come out? will it switch

to Safe mode in our ECU setting?


Last question: Should I remove cat for tracking? If hairpin exit is weak after remove Cat, then no point. I not sure

on straight road can catch back the same timing compare to stock exhaust? which tried before, my max speed is 170km/h and need to brake for next hairpin.....

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there are 3, one in the up pipe, and 2 affter the turbo. dont mess with them as you cannot just take them out. if you want the turbo to be safer and to get more power get a catless up pipe and a tune, but otherwise leave them.
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