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pronounced 'tick' sound over bumps

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wondering if you'd have any thoughts on what may be causing it? i'm on bilstein hd's + cobb springs. just recently did the inner/outer LCA bushings (which i though was causing the noise) but it's still around.


it's like a fairly pronounced 'tick' sound - almost like two rocks hitting each other. mostly happens at slower speeds, or maybe that's just because i can hear it without any wind noise. and i have to have the window down to hear it, no noise inside the cabin...


i plan on doing the front sway and endlinks anyhow, and now a bump steer kit because with the new bushings i'm getting a little squirrely over the bumps. - but the links looked fine, so did the ball joints. any ideas?


really hoping it's not the strut itself... :spin:

i can put anything i want down here?!
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When you did the struts did you do top hats also? Just the description makes me think top hats or really worn out end links. They both seem to make really really similar noises at the same times when going out lol.
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