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Using a non-EGR ej22 in an ej25 car, 96 - 99..

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i copied this from www.ulitmatesubru.org


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ej25 ej22 engine swap EGR cel fix



thanks wtdash.


This works w/all the non-EGR EJ22's (most manual cars from '95-98, and any '90-94 EJ22) and should work on the non-EGR JDM EJ25's, too, and doesn't require drilling/tapping the driver's-side cylinder head. (You'll need to get a single-port exhaust header/y-pipe for the '96-'98 EJ22.)




It eliminates the EGR pipe that originally attaches to the EGR valve on the IM and the driver's side cylinder head.



See pic (from EJ25, but same idea on EJ22):




This REQUIRES an EGR-equipped intake manifold ('95-98), but changing the intake manifold (IM) isn't that tough, esp. w/the engine out (remember - the EJ22 SOHC and '96-'99 DOHC use different IM's- not interchangeable!). I don't know of anyone that's successfully bypassed the EGR valve by using a resistor or any other electrical modification.



I've put over 2K miles on this and not had an issue. NO CEL/Check Engine Light. Car's MPG is still the same.



Installation info:



Overview of what I did: I ran a hose from the EGR valve and T'd into the IAC hose so the EGR valve sees flow...it doesn't care where it's from apparently.


For the EGR valve connection, I found 2 fittings @ the ACE hardware store that fit together. I believe it's 3/4 that screws into the EGR valve on the IM, then a 1/4 barbed fitting. Put some thread tape on to seal it...it screwed in tight w/out any issues:




I then ran short piece of PCV hose into a 90° elbow. PCV hose is same ID as the breather hose on the valve covers.

Here's the EGR-side installed:




From the elbow I ran another piece of PCV hose to a reducer fitting w/a short piece of PCV hose from the T-fitting in the IAC hose, as the IAC hose has a larger ID than the PCV hose I used.





Final installation:


So far, I've not had a CEL and car runs the same as before. (Don't use the breather hoses as you'll have blue smoke out the tailpipe! http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif )


Thanks again for the input from everyone on here and to member 987687 for the idea.



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