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Opinions on these datalogs please


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I don't have access to a computer now through the next week and a half or so. I can't even view the data logs I posted from my phone to apply the info found on your link.


I've overboosted twice since my latest re-tune from Infamous was completed. He told me to log and I've been waiting a couple weeks now for his feedback on how things are looking. Hence me asking here. If someone can give me actual feedback on these logs look, I'd appreciate it.

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I posted that link because your logs aren't very useful because you didn't provide any information in your first post about why you're logging, and they don't appear to show an overboost condition if this is supposed to be a stage 2 tune targeted for just about 18 PSI as Infamous did for me years ago.


Furthermore, if Infamous is tuning you or willing to try to tweak your tune, you should be asking him for directions on what to log.


If your pull was done in 3rd, you're likely not going to be able to show the overboost problem that you're getting, which is probably going to be easiest to reproduce in 4th or 5th gear between 3100-3600 when you suddenly floor it, or when you floor it, let go and floor it again quickly at those RPMs.


Try doing that while logging and see what happens.


And get rid of your the fuel trim logging parameter. Log whatever Infamous told you to log since he's working on your map. It's considered somewhat bad form to pay a tuner for his services, have him be willing to work on correcting an issue, and then posting on here to ask other people for advice/direction that may conflict with that tuner's input.

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Yeah I cleared the code and pulled another log as suggested by him. He said he could see what was wrong regardless of if the code was thrown during the log. This is my 4th tune with Infamous...I'm aware of what parameters he wants to be logged. I log those plus a couple extra.


As mentioned, the only reason I posted here is because I've already been waiting a couple weeks for a response from Infamous. I sent those logs on April 2nd. Just looking to see if the tune looks safe with nothing out of the ordinary...


And yes you're right, its a stage 2+ tune, can post mod list if needed/helpful.

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I'm not e-scolding you, just pointing out that, again, it's in bad form. You sort of put people in a bad position when you're actively working with a tuner, and then ask for opinions from others. You're already paying for someone's services, they should be providing you a service. And if I give you an opinion different from Infamous, who do you listen to? If you went with Infamous, you should trust their opinion.


Tuners and tweakers and enthusiasts all have their own opinions about how to go about accomplishing their goals.


We don't even have your map on hand (and you can't post it without Infamous' permission) so we're pretty much limited on the amount of input we can even give you.


Here's a big list of what I can't tell you:

  • What your target boost is
  • If you're achieving target boost
  • How much WGDC compensation is dialed in for temperature
  • How much Turbo Dynamics intervention is in play
  • How much timing you're supposed to be running
  • Whether timing is being pulled due to knock
  • Whether you're knocking (I don't think "Knock Correction" is the right parameter. I thought it was Knock Sum?)


Again, I'm not yelling at you and I have no problem trying to help. Search my posting history... I try to look at logs and give input to tons of people.


edit: I see you ninja removed the remark about e-scolding. ;)

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No worries, I appreciate the help. Target boost is 18 + or - .5, so no issues there. I have been happy with the end results of each tune from Infamous so far and am not trying to knock him at all. Hell, the tune was finished once I sent him a log of this same revision that looked "perfect" (can attach that for comparison purposes if that would be helpful), so technically he doesn't even owe me a revision or anything at all. I appreciate the fact that he's following up with me about this in the first place. I hope everything's OK in Shamar's world and that he can soon return to business as usual.
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