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Cleaning headliners...

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Just wondering, any tip on what kind of product to use to clean the headliners?


The previous owner of my car definitely put some dirty fingers on it. I see all kind of smudges on it.


I'm thinking of using the fabric seat cleaner and clean towel, but, I just wanted to make sure that it won't ruin the fabric or the glue behind it...



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The secret is to 'blot' the marks. Don't scrub them or else you will just spread them around and you'll be left with a dingy headliner. Spray some foaming upholstery cleaner on it (Prestone or Tuff Stuff are my favorites off the shelf) and then let it soak for a minute. Spray some more and then press a clean towel against it. Avoid 'scrubbing'. Use a vacuum to suck out the foam and you should be good.


Alternatively you could use super hot water and get similar results, but it is tricky to use on something like the headliner without burning yourself. The foaming upholstery cleaner is the best route to take. :)


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