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Best oil for the 2.5i?

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Truthfully, any oil in my opinion. I've been running conventional oil for 80% of my cars life, and based off pictures of my valvetrain, and a few used oil analyses, it does a darn good job. I currently have 126k and have no plans to change.


I buy whatever name brand oil I can get at the cheapest price. For the past few years, that's been valvoline nextgen conventional since I've been able to get it virtually free after mail in rebate. Before then I ran havoline conventional oil since I was able to snag it at a great price. I've also run 3-4 jugs of g-oil bio based full synthetic oil (the base oil is basically made from animal fat) because I've also been able to get that completely free after rebate.


You can see pictures of my valvetrain here



Heres a few of my used oil analyses showing very low wear levels with conventional, and I've attached a picture of my most recent used oil analysis. The most recent analysis was run so short because I wanted to change out the oil after I finished the valve cover gasket job.



Now, even though I'm saying conventional oil, there is one more thing to note. The only reason I use conventional is because my car consumes 1-1.5 quarts of oil over a 4,000-5,000 mile oil change interval. If my car didn't consume any oil, I would run synthetic even though I don't need to.


Does your car consume any oil?


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Truthfully, any oil



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I owned a 2007 2.5i, switched to synth on 3 or 4th oil change. Put 100k miles on it. The last 25k i was running rotella t6, yeah 40 weight. I have to say my wife complained about the lack of power in that car especially when getting close to 3k miles on the oil, we drive 100 miles round trip daily, mixed mountain and stop and go freeway. Even she said there was a big difference between the 30 and 40 weight. With the 40 the car was still more peppy even when hitting the 3750 change internal. Just my 2 cents, flame away. I saw someone else post about currently using 20 weight, seems they are trying to use that to squeeze another mpg out of the car.
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How long has the Rotella been in your car? How do you think the car feels running 40 weight? What's your concern about the Rotella? The manual (at least on the 07) states you can run 30 or 40 weight. The Euro Castrol is great too. With summer on it's way, my GT and 3.6R are getting the Rotella treatment on the next change.


Between that and premium gas it made it a bit smoother and easier to get up those mountain roads.

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