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Hey all, second time typing this - I think the internet at the first one :lol:


I've been doing a lot of reading here the past day but hoping to see what others think.


I am looking at buying a Legacy Gt atx with 45k miles at an auto auction but it is not without some issues.


It is missing some under the hood turbo components and I think the turbo may be failing (maybe they give up mid repair IDK)


My main concern is determining what is causing the smoke, Currently when the engine is revved there is smoke that comes out of the tailpipe and the cold side of the turbo (keep in mind no intercooler connected).


The engine appeared to run good and I did not notice any vibrations or knocking, what scares me is this car appeared to owned by a ricer/boy racer and I wouldn't want to buy something that was boosted to shit and has toast rings or valves.




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The turbo is hosed if you have an oil problem.. Hard to say anything about the rest of it, but there is a possibility that the engine is bad too. If you have a turbo and intercooler to throw at it with the intent of replacing the engine at some point in the very near future... and it's cheap enough...


Hey if you can get it for $1000.00 or so, why not... right?

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