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starting problem

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Hi all,


I just bought this 1992 sybary loyale wagon 4x4 hi/lo 5 spd manual as of Jan 12, 2013. Working well until now March 7, 2013.


Went out to go to town, and the engine will turn over, but will not start. Was

starting fine until now with no problems. Attempted to kick in, but that is it.


The first time it happened I went out a couple hours later and the car started out normally. Thought I flooded it. Usually I don't have to depress the gas pedal and a few starting cranks and it starts up fine.


And today March 13 went out and the same thing happened. It cranks over good, but not starting up. Waited again 6 hours later and still won't start up normally.


I have no knowledge of this type of vehicle. Has a 1.8 liter engine, but no idea what type of engine I am looking at or anything about sensors, or the abbreviations of them.


Ignition switch seems to work, as the starter engages and engine turns over, but will not start. Seems the engine will not fire.


Was thinking if it could be a moisture problem or a coil problem.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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Fuel, fire, and timing are the three components to make an engine run. Go to Harbor Freight and get a pressure gauge. Using a 5/16" tee tap into the fuel inlet line. 36 psi is normal with about 60 psi with the return line pinched. If you have a clamp on style timing light the fire can easily be checked. Timing requires that the timing covers to be removed and physically checked. Steven.

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