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Worth Rebuilding?


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"2005 Subaru Outback 5 speed with 121,500 miles. Turbo went needs a new engine. Other than the engine the car is in good shape and has been a dependible car."


I just put a deposit down on this today & I'm already prepping for the engine rebuild. I can do a lot of things myself, but that's mainly suspension & basic engine work. So this leaves me paying for some of the labor for things that are above my skill-level.


Should I get a new EJ255 short-block for $1650 or EJ257 for $1850? If I were to go with the EJ257 bock, can I just drop it in or is there other things I have to do then just plug & play?


What would be a rough idea for a cost estimate? I'm just planning on going to STG2 with a VF52 & that's it. I'm not looking for crazy power, just a VF52 @ 15psi.


Any insight would be great. I already have a beater car, so this rebuild will be over a descent period of time, but I'm hoping to finish is in 2-3 months.



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