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Stage 3 package deal!!! AVO 450 turbo, AVO FMIC, 850cc injectors


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I'm trying to make this a package deal for anyone that's looking to go a reliable powerful stage 3 setup.


•AVO450 dual ball bearing turbo. It's got about 17k I'd say maybe closer to 18k on it. No shaft play come check it out.

•AVO front mount intercooler. Small dent on the bottom does not affect performance at all.

•850cc injectors. I below they are PE I'm not 100% sure. Ordered them the same time add the turbo.


I'm taking offers right now. But I'd honestly like to see around $2800 for the whole setup.


The front mount goes for $1300 new.

The turbo is $2050 new.

Injectors ran me $650 new


That's a total of 4k before installation. So you can have everything installed and tuned for less than the parts cost me.

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