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older legacy high compression hybrid..

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Hello, I am trying to prepare a 1gen wagon 2.2ls 5spd for an ej18e head and 22e block hybrid. I know theoretically the combo should work and raise compression a bit I'm hoping for at least 10.1:1, the heads will bolt up and the galleys and jackets with will line up with each other and the 22e headgaskets. I also understand that the cam profiling on the 18e cams are more aggressive. What I don't know about the 18e heads are if the valves will clear the near flat ej22e pistons. Really I don't know anything at all about those heads.

I only got the idea because I thought about sending some cams to delta to regrind them a little hotter, I would also just like to raise compression a little, and hopefully rev out to around 6800-6950, don't know if all this is possible but any technical info about the valve train such as sizes of valves and guides etc...thanks in advance and have a good one.

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