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Replacing my blown stock turbo

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I have and '05 XT with just over a 100k. The stock turbo let go (PO didn't replace the banjo when the timing belt and WP was done at 89k, and I didn't think to check it. Lesson learned).


I have a cobb access port.


I have ordered a BNR stage 1 turbo


I have a couple of quick questions. I need to upgrade the oil lines. Recommendations?


I need to get a tune I can flash onto the car once the new turbo is in. Recommendations on someone who can build that tune and send it to me.


Also I am considering getting an up pipe while I'm at it. The rest of the car is stock.


I am open to any ideas and suggestions.


Thanks in advance.

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Looks like you just joined the site, Welcome.


For tuners, look at the vendor page here and at suabruoutback.org for references. Seems people are pretty happy with Infamous and Bren, but I have no 1st hand knowledge.


Definitely look into a cattless uppipe. A used OEM one from an STI or later year 3rd Gen OBXT (4th Gen Leggy) would be the least expensive route and still appear stock. Don't forget the EGT sensor mod too.

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