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Locking lug nuts


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It seems these "kits" typically come with 4, one locker for each wheel. With all the bling associated with lug nuts these days: "tuner", open ended, radioactive colors...etc, is anybody making a spline set for all 20 that require the same unique key? Since a quick search on YouTube will show you how to defeat pretty much any wheel locks, I figure forcing the thief to sacrifice 20 sockets and spend 5x more time might be an incremental deterrent? Opinions?





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Gorilla used to.. but you honestly can defeat them the same with a socket set.. *if* there is enough room to put a normal socket into the lug well. Only on two sets I've owned that the holes are so narrow only the thin socket of the gorilla lug would work.. and the locking lug has one short spline hence you need the locking lug. In my opinion, if the thief wants your wheels, it's not that hard to get 'em off no matter what lug nut you have. Heck, at least if you get the ugly mcguard ones they will have to have a reverse drill bit to bite into it instead of hammering a socket, which often you don't really destroy the socket and can keep on going..
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