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Help!!! 2007 LGT P0021, P2093 Timing OCV Issues

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I am the unlucky owner of a 2007 Legacy Automatic GT Limited and am having trouble with an occasional rough idle, and trying to get rid of these 2 engine codes that keep popping up.


P0021 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - Over-Advanced (Bank 2)

P2093 OCV Solenoid Valve Signal A Circuit Short (Bank 2) —



Here is a list of the things I have done so far in this order, (It was throwing these codes before any of this happened)

1. Engine started knocking really bad, and we found it had spun a rod bearing. We replaced the engine with a used one that had 120K on it.

2. Turbo blew within 20 miles, so we replaced with a used stock one.

3. Turbo blew again after 20 miles, replaced with a new stock turbo.

4. Replaced the turbo oil feed line with the kit from Infamous Performance.

5. Removed all 3 OCV line Banjo bolt filters.

6. Replaced both Oil Control Valves (OCV's).


It still keeps throwing these codes, and I get a rough idle occasionally when rolling to a stop with the engine idling. It also will throw a,

P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire code now and then.


Does anyone know what else could be causing this issue?


- Titus


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  • I Donated Too

so you had the codes before you changed the engine too? What guarantees did you have with this engine you obtained... When you mention you have blown two Turbo's with approx 20 miles on them... exactly what is happening - how badly damaged is this 'new' engine - are you aware that when the Turbo's go boom on these engines they are pretty much junk if the bearing material enters the crankcase?


Is the timing belt set correctly or are you a tooth out? Are all your grounds intact?

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Did you have the Cam Sprockets off? i ha a prob with an 06 that the cam sprocket wasnt keyed on right so it was like it was off 1 tooth, but if you lined up the timing marks it was good.. I had to replace the sprocket.. also i worked on an 06 spec b that had a leaking exhaust valve.. and some valve guides slipped.. we dropped the exhaust and smoked it to find that..and to what sigmafour said ... the engine might have brobs now too..you should be able to run the OCV manually...also check the resistance in it..
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I bought the car with a check engine light on, and there were no guarantees. I drove the car about 7 hours, and then the engine threw a bearing. The new engine was out of a car that had rear end damage, but it did not come with a turbo - we used my old turbo.


After installing this last brand new turbo, we changed the oil, which did not appear to have metallic particles in it, we also removed the OCV banjo filters, which were not really dirty, and I cut open the oil filter, which did not have metal particles.


I beleive the turbo's went because of either a plugged banjo bolt filter, and/or a OCV that was not letting it get the proper pressure. I have driven the car around 12 hours with the new turbo now.


I have checked and polished all the grounds I could find (4) in the engine compartment.


I had a mechanic install the new engine, and he has checked the timing multiple times before and after the swap, but I don't know for sure that the cam sprocket is on the right tooth.


- How were you able to figure out the sprocket was off a tooth?

Did you replace the sprocket, or just reinstall it at the correct position?


Also, If I clear the codes when the engine is warm, they will not come back on until it has cooled off and is run again.


Thanks for the ideas guys!

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P2093 is a clear indication that your timing isn't the issue, it's the ocv valve itself needing replacement OR there's a short in that wiring harness. since you already replaced the ocv, check the connector and wiring harness of issues. check the main engine harness(big square connector) for any wires that may have popped out or pushed back out/loose
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05+ (meaning 05 and newer) legacy gt's have single avcs, which reside on the intake cam (top of the head). Single avcs meaning 1 per cyl head. Dual avcs are in 08+ sti motors. You have a circuit issue. Improper timing does not throw the second code.
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