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Blackstone Labs oil analysis-Amsoil Signature Series

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So I decided to send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs out of curiosity. This is my 2nd oil change using Amsoil Signature Series 5w-30, so far I'm happy with the results. Might as well raise the oil change intervals. Not sure if I want to go 9K miles though :cool:



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I am a long time user/dealer/distributor of Amsoil products. Back in 1984/85 I put a 1984 Volvo 244 DL using Amsoil 10/30 motor oil, Oberg Tatletale 600 filter with the Amsoil by-pass filter behind it to 34000 kms before I changed the oil out. The oil analysis came back as suitable for contiued use which was expected however I had proved my point to myself. I currently own a 2011 Legacy 3.6R and use Amsoil products front to rear and will not likely ever use a different brand of oil. I am currently usign the Amsoil filters on my Legacy as I cannot find a good location to mount an Oberg. The Oberg filter is still in my possession and has been in use on my 2004 Dodge Hemi Quad Cab since 2004.

Good luck to both of you.



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