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Trans issue's with 5EAT ..unheard of ?! Help


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Hey guys. Need some help from anyone with similar transmission issue or a transmission specialist welcome :).

So this is the story with the transmission that I am having an issue with. Basically it ALL started in the fall and one day I was driving slowly at about 5-10 mph and then all of a sudden the car suffered something close to a STALL on a manual, which shook the car a and stalled for a second and then re-engaged again, but at the point the CRUISE was flashing and the Check Engine lit up. TSU code p700 and under code P 743 if i remember correctly..dont qoute me on that I maybe wrong cannot remember.


So I called up David(climber), and informed him of this phenomenon thinking it MIGHT have had to do to the VB which was installed 5 months prior. I was instructed to maybe change the ATF, which I did go ahead and did, at that point the tranny became so bad. It started to slip and did not shift well at all between 1st 2nd and 3rd gears. But after 10-15 minutes of driving it was working fine. I also noticed at this point that on hills I would roll back a bit when pressing on the Gas and the car had a VERY HARD time shifting at that point from 1st to 2nd. Also when on Reverse it had a hard time doing that.

SO this happened every time I would drive until 10 -15 min later when it would be fine... SO David, being the awesome guy that he is sent me a new VB( thnx warranty) and recently I have had a full turbo replacement as well as the new VB installed and the ATF replaced with Subaru ATF by my tuner since the ATF i gave him this time gave the car the slips again.

SO right now at this point I have a good set up and a new VB but the issue has not changed as the car does not want to shift from 1st or 2nd on its own , and when I try to do manually it takes some doing to for it to shift between the gears. So I am happy to say that it is not the VB and sad to say that it maybe another tranny issue.

Me and David think it may have something to do with the Torque Converter or even the clutch and gears or maybe even some bad wires / connections...

I need DEFINITELY need to take the car to a tranny specialist here in locally and I do not want him making up stories. SO I am asking ANYONE to help me diagnose this issue if anyone has had this issue or knows anything that this issue can be related to so when I do go to the Transmission specialist I can direct him to the issues so he doesn't blow smoke up my buttocks, cause transmission repairs are rather costly as we know..


Thanks guys.

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Talk to Mike at AZP installs in NJ, he should know someone who can help.


I was just hoping someone would point me in the right direction regarding what the ISSUE COULD be. I really do not want to travel to NJ , pay the tolls and the fuel to end coming up empty that is why i want to take it locally first..


Thank you though :)

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I'm guessing that you are no longer stock. Jon from TDC tuned my wagon with TD06-18G (still using version 1 Cobb) and I learned to lived with it. Again, it goes away after 10 minutes. You noticed less during warmer weather.


ITs just so weird how when it was warm/hot there was nothing like this happening ever, but soon as it got colder and colder it got worse ..And it only happens for those 10-15 min then its normal..

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