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WANTED:NORTHERN NH (GRAFTON COUNTY) shops familiar with turbos/turbo failure


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My poor 05 LGT has succumbed to the dreaded turbo failure due to oil starvation (banjo bolts). I got the CEL that read as P0011, with some horrific turbo area noises, so goodnight sweet turbo.


My question is, besides St. J Subaru in St. Johnsbury VT and Profile Subaru in Conway NH, are there any local Subaru spacialty shops that could diagnose my damage, and possibly replace the turbo and any other needed stuff? I can only find local shops that I don't reall feel I can trust with my car, as they are all in the greter Burlington VT area or down in southern NH.


I'm thinking of maybe cutting my losses and upgrading to a 2010 GT if I can't find a reputable shop, and just rade in the car with the blown turbo and get whatever I can. It would have to be towed as I refuse to drive it further and possibly compromise the engine.


Thanks for the help!

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