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I have an 08 and I picked up a Thule. It's the older model with the square bars. I would look on Craig's list. I picked up a whole rack with a fairing for 150. Then picked up some ski attachments and bike parts on eBay. The square bar kits are "discontinued" and do not work on new subarus. So you should be able to get a decent price.



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Lol I'm telling you you can find then out there....I always tell people the key to Craigslist is to look at the older adds (days 30-45). Craigslist delets them after 45 days. And throw someone an offer. Now don't offend them but throw them a realistic offer. They are more likely to let it go since its been posted for 30 or 45 days. Here are my recent purchases in CL:


Specialized fsr mountain bike: asking 850 paid 600

2 sets of skis: asking 200/each paid 150 each

Roof rack: asking 200 paid 150

Digital camera (Sony nex) asking 650 paid 425.


Again not bragging and you need to do your homework but there are deals out there.



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