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13 Limited Harman Kardon problem with 1st gen Ipod


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Just wanted to see if anyone else is having some sort of related issues with using the ipod with the Harman Kardon sound system.

I am using a 32gb 1st gen works fine never been dropped etc.. Firmware is up to date.


However sometimes I have experienced the following:

-Ipod will just reboot by itself when plugged into the car

-Ipod will freeze

-If I increase the volume past 16 sometimes the song starts to garble

similar to when the cable box has pixelattion the audio becomes distorted

-Odd popping sounds not part of the song I don't go past 16 in volume but it's alarming enough that Im afraid it will pop a speaker.


Again I cannot verify if this is just an isolated issue with a 1st gen ipod or if I went out and purchased a new one

just to rule out the issue seems silly when I am perfectly fine with the one I have. Other then that no other issue's


*I do have another question is there a way to shuffle just one play list? So far shuffle ends up with every song in the ipod I just want to listen to gospel playlist not jazz,spanish etc..


Thanks everyone

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