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Wagon Seat brackets


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So I picked up a pair of EvoIX Recaros (Yes, I know the passenger side will be a pain with the occupancy detection system of the 05 not being a bladder)...


Anyway, I need some brackets, and corbeau, which happens to be the easiest and cheapest for me to get, lists the wagon as having different bases from the sedan.

As far as I know the GR impreza, BL/BP legacy (regardless of sedan vs wagon), and the 08+ forester share a common mounting , while the GC, GD imprezas, the BE/BH legacy and older foresters share their bases.


Am I safe to assume that corbeau has incorrect information, and erroneously lists the wagon as having the SAME mount from the BH to BP legacy?

I'm 99% sure they are simply listing the wrong info, but I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with the sedan vs wagon seats.


I've attached their application list for subarus to help explain what the hell I'm going on about:lol:


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Going to go with bride brackets for the GR since the Japanese spec sheets claim they work and the previous owner recommended them after using them for his car (not a legacy).


Anyway, on to other things...

I was looking through the FSM for the 05 and 08 lgt, and noticed that while the controllers for the passenger occupancy detection are completely different, and likely incompatible, the only "real" difference is the number of sensors.


The 05 uses four sensors, one at each corner of the seat base, while the later models use a single bladder with a pressure sensor hooked up to it.


The FSM for both lists 3 pins for each sensor, whether it's the bladder system or the four corner system: Vcc, Vout and GND.

Attached FSM screenshot has the 05 on the right.


Specs say Vcc is 5V, Vout is 0.5-4.5V, and GND is GND.


So why can't I just split the Vout of the bladder and feed all four sensor inputs on the controller?

While the calibration of the sensors (load spread between four sensors vs one) may be different, It may be correctable by using various resistors.


If all else fails, what stops me from enabling the bag permanently by using a voltage divider on each of the four sensor inputs and feeding the controller what it thinks is a valid input voltage?


Anyway, I think this is uncharted territory so i don't expect any answers but I really do want to see a solution for 05 owners...


So, anybody have a spare occupancy bladder/sensor assembly they are willing to part with? I don't need the controller (I think).


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