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"Sealing-Oil Pan" o-ring - How vital is it?

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I know this may seem like an odd question, but I ask out of curiosity, as well as practicality.


The part in question is part #6 on this diagram...




It was discovered in the midst of my head gasket job that it's split and should be replaced..

It's an o-ring... There's some shaping and all that, so I guess that's what Subaru believes makes it a $16 o-ring (at the dealer).


But is there any alternative to it?


It doesn't seem to be a high-pressure seal or anything like that. And if I could get by with anything else, I'd love to know what that might be.

If I'm wrong, please explain.

And I don't plan to omit it from the job, but if a $1 o-ring would perform the same task, I'd be inclined to use that instead.


Thanks in advance for learnin' me on it.

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your ring its not under presure all. honestly i almost forgot to put it on. it is a very odd seal but i dont see why a normal oring would not do the trick.


Make sure that o-ring is rated for oil and temperature.


Oil pan leaks suck, because dropping the pan is a pain in the crotch.

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It is just a oil drain back but I would recommend replacing it otherwise the oil won't fully drain down below the second baffle fast enough. The oring for the oil pump pick up is very important or you'll lose oil pressure. Dropping the pan isn't that bad it's reinstalling them. I usually just remove the pick up the when I am reinstalling the pan I finagle the PU back in place. Less time this way then undoing the 3 mounts and lifting the engine.
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