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96 gtb issues , constant flashing of CEL

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So I have done a full swap and gone to drive my car for the first time and it has multiple issues firstly here are the specs of the car

1996 legacy gtb en20h running auto and vf20 turbos wagon jdm

So the issues are the check engine light has started flashing as soon as I put it in gear to reverse or go forward , next is the ticking noise from a little pump under the passenger car rhd vehicle and finally the BBOD is forever breathing or so it sounds which I'm thinking is the same reason the thermos come on and when it is driven it doesn't want to come onto boost


Problems I can think of . Car hasn't had premium fuel in it yet . Original tank of fuel from the na 2.0 and secondly I haven't changed over the TT fuel pumps

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When you did your swap did you use the trans that came with the EJ20? I'm guessing that you'll need the diff with the same ratio as your trans due to it being AWD. Sorry but I'm not sure of the front diffs ratio.
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