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Car jerking issues & loud popping noise

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So I take my car in a couple weeks ago to get looked at for the jerking and the guy calls me later on in the day. He tells me the transmission oil is really low and dark and my car had just hit 60k so I did the 60k maintenance. I pick up the car and he tells me it's all well again. Soon after leaving the shop the car seems a lot better but it still jerks a bit and now I have a loud popping noise when I stop and hit the gas sometimes.


Its a 2.5i automatic. It seems like its choking then you hear the loud popping noise and switches to the next gear. Its almost like when Your using the triptonic and you dont switch the gear on time. It was really bad last week when I had to leave right away so I didn't have a chance to warm up the car and it was freezing outside.


Any ideas ?

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How far from the GWB are you? We are an indy subaru shop about 30 min from the GWB and can help you out to diagnose the problem. Does it happen when it's cold? Or only when warmed up? Is the fluid level correct? Also how is the front Diffy fluid?


Let us know and we can help you out.



-Mike Paisan


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