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An easy way to change the look of your Outback's tail lights.


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I don't have an Outback, but I always thought the tail lights on the newer models were what threw me off about the rear end the most, and could be easily fixed. Just throwing out some ideas for you guys since I don't see many altered Outbacks. Blackouts almost never look good in my opinion.


All you need is transparent glossy vinyl and cut it to fit whatever part you like. You can get it anywhere really, I usually get my pieces at http://grfxpstore.com/store/VinylByTheFoot


To give you an idea of what's possible I used the ruby red and light smoke from that site on these OB's. Reverse red-out is a must IMO!























The procedure is the same as with any vinyl:


1. Make your own template of whatever you'll be covering. Use wax paper or anything translucent so you can trace the outline.

2. Clean area with soap and water and dry.

3. Wipe area with rubbing alcohol (dries quickly on it's own and removes any finger oils)

4. Cut custom overlay in your choice of color.

5. Bring a small bowl of soapy warm water outside with you.

6. Unpeel your overlay from the backing and submerge overlay in soapy water.

7. Place on clean tail light, soap allows you to move it around until perfect, then press down.

8. Whip out a credit card or similar object and wrap in a cloth or sock (or you'll scuff the glossy finish) and squeegee the overlay side to side to displace air bubbles and water.

9. Use a hair dryer to promote adhesion of the adhesive or to make the overlay more pliable, or to remove it.

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