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Prosport Evo Oil Pressure and Temp Problems


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i've had my prosport EVO oil temp and pressure gauges hooked up for about 10 months now, no problems.


Recently, my oil pressure gauge has been tanking to 0 at idle and when a high electrical load (turning fan on max) is applied.


hoping to solve the problem i rewired everything from my previous set up to connecting it to the IG2 fuse and grounding the gauges directly to the frame. that did not solve the problem, so i then re did the wires from the senders of both gauges, cleaned it up and re organized all the wires down below...


this also did not solve the problem


i find it hard to believe that it's a bad sender because the problem is only seen with high electric loads. The temp gauge is also sometimes affected (about a 5* rise in oil temp with blower on high)


any suggestions? things to check


i almost think this is a sign my alternator is in the first stages of taking a permanent vacation.

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