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Removing imprints from leather


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I'm looking at a limited LGT, and the rear seats have imprints - they look like they're from child safety seats. It's at a dealer, and the carfax shows the previous owner got rid of it 11/30/2012, so it has been sitting for about a month. I emailed the dealer, and they said the imprints are still there, so I'm assuming they aren't going to work themselves out.


Has anybody successfully gotten rid of something like this?


edit - 11/30/2012 to 1/31/2013 is two months. I can't math sometimes.


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clean and condition the leather, then use a heat gun in moderation and gradualy heat the leather and it will raise the imprint and be just right.


Thanks for the quick reply. I've seen similar responses on other forums, which is why I wasn't too worried about the imprints. I'm still gonna make a fuss out of it at the dealer though.


If anybody has tried this method on LGT leather, I'd love to hear how it worked.

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