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Just installed new calipers/rotors/pads one side is a lot hotter?


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I had some vibration coming from the passenger front wheel area and I noticed a lot more brake dust on that wheel as well. I took it to have it looked at and they said that the piston was stuck. No problem. I have @ 130k miles on the car and decided to get both sides on the front all replaced since it was already there. So the caliper/rotor/pads are all brand new on the front along with fresh fluid. They did a test drive and explained the break in process.


I drive it home which is about 25 miles and when I pull it into the garage I was doing another inspection and the passenger side was significantly hotter than the driver side. I could smell it when I was walking up. The wheel lugs were even hot on that side.


I will have to take it back again tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone had opinions on what else it could possibly be? Maybe a break line? Most posts I see with similar symptoms talk about the calipers or pins but those are all brand new?


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I just went for a few mile drive doing some normal light breaking. When I returned I could touch the face of the driver side rotor and it was hot but I could leave my fingers on it. The passenger side I could hear my skin sizzle/burning and unable to leave my fingers anywhere on the rotor. The driver side where the wheel mounts was cool, passenger side unable to keep touching.


So it seems that the brake much be dragging or engaged some at all times on that side.


Fun times...

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if you have a buddy available try to bleed the breaks (from the bleed screw) and see if you get a constant/steady flow of fluid out of that side, should be enough to squirt out pretty hard (I know, thats what she said).

If you do not, do the same bleed process but loosen the line banjo bolt instead of the bleed port. if that has flow than you have a bad caliper, I have seen reman calipers even right out of the box that were seized it does happen.

If all else fails maybe make sure they greased up the slide pins/brake pad tabs, the caliper brackets may have gunk built up inside where the pins slide causing a binding.

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