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Who's reppin' 03820???


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Ive been a eurotuner for as long as i can remember, in fact youll still see me bombing around in my little green MK3 slampig during the warmer climates here in Dover. However, i just traded my B5 A4 for this wonderful 2005 Silver GT... and fell in love. This thing is pedal to the floor fun. i see a whole lot of kids around my neck of the woods driving WRX's but only a few GT's. Been trying to find a Cobb for this thing, but most want all the money:( Maybe someone knows where to find decent parts for cheap? New to Scoobies.

Anyhow, if there are any get2gethers around these parts, hit me up;):spin:

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Looks like your 4th gen thread has some of the answers you seek. If you have a laptop already, going open source might be a less expensive option, and BrenTuning (Worcester) can hook you up with either an e-tune or pro-tune on the dyno.


There's going to be a LGT tuning day at BrenTuning on March 30th, which itself is pretty much a get-together. You should be able to check out a few different Legacies in person and can ask all sorts of questions to owners or Bren. Details are here.


Bren's e-tuning thread can also be found here.

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