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Prosport exhaust wrap


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Did a search and couldn't find anything.


Just messing around on the net, looking at Prosports site and seen they sell wraps. I'm looking at DEI and others, Prosport is cheaper by a nice amount so this makes me wonder what type of performance/quality is their wrap. This includes all wrap, typical fiberglass, titanium, and ceramic that is cheaper than most. They also include 4 14" ties. The only one that says how thick it is, is the ceramic which is 1/8" thick.


I was wondering if anyone has used it and what are your thoughts. I am looking into the titanium and ceramic.

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DEI wrap is what i have and it is awesome, wrap then apply the appropriate silicone spray to seal it. i can grab the DP after driving it. Significant temp change with it wrapped and paired with a heat shield.


That's exactly what I planned on going with, the titanium wrap, till I seen Prosport made wrap so I had to check with the jury. There isn't a huge difference in price so if DEI's quality and performance can justify the price difference then I'm ok with that.

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