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Car just dies randomly

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I have a 98 gt and it just keeps dieing. It wont idle for vary long wothout doing it. Heres what we have replaced so far: IAC, crank sensor, cam sensor, vacuum lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, pcv, fuel pressure regulator, egr, o2 sensor, sparkplugs, spark plug wires, air filter, and mass air flow sensor. None of this has fixed the problem. Any ideas on what else could be causing this?
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I have sort of the same problem. I just changed my oil and now the car will start but will die after about 20 seconds. Other than what needs to be touched to change oil, I also looked at the air filter. I have already unplugged the cable on the top of the air box and reconnected it. Are there other connections I may have messed with? I have never had this problem before.


Its a 95 Legacy L wagon I afraid not sure of the engine in it. I have the car just to tow my motorcycles should they break down so I don''t spend much time on it. ;)


EDIT: Never mind. What a dope. There is a small hose on the underside of that air intake hose that had popped loose when I checked the air filter. Car runs again.

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