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turbo help...

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Ok, I am sure I could spend weeks looking through all the info on this site but i am looking for some quick help. I drive a 05 legacy gt. And i think my turbo just went to shit. I am looking for soemthing new, I dont need a upgraded turbo but if it is the same price i will entertain the idea. I am not looking to rebuild my whole care just get it working again. what options are out there for me? Without getting to crazy?


Please email me or msg me on here with any feedback.


Again I am sorry if there is a thread on this already.



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very rude.


email you? didn't bother to search... <sigh>


short answer. different turbo needs a tune. Buy the turbo the car came with because you clearly aren't really caring that much about it - want to save money, buy it second hand. 'Went to shit'? define that, might mean your engine is filled with the 'shit' - any replacement turbo will soon die from that shit. kthxbi.


search... ALL the answers ARE here on this forum.

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Do you think there is a possibility there isn't a thread on this by saying 'sorry if there is a thread on this already'? It seems like you found this forum, registered, and immediately made this thread. Right below the model specific section is the technical section with threads dedicated to turbo powertrains. Right at the top is a sticky, and this thread right here......http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/turboi-wiki-twist-178684.html


The thread you made up there looking for quick help is never going to work. You're going to get 30 responses with at least 15 different ideas. Everyone has their own opinion. Taking a couple days to read allows you to make up your mind because you know your situation and exactly what to do. At the very least, researching will get you informed, and then you may ask questions to help narrow you down to something, or to learn about a particular setup. General questions like you asked end up going all over the place.


This thread is lengthy, at times it goes off topic, but it is a great read. I recently went through it and it's great info. http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/bolt-up-turbocharger-upgrade-119177.html

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