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2013 climate control question


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can i turn OFF the auto controls?

everytime i get into the car on these cold days in NJ and go to turn up fan speed it says the unit is on A/C. why do i want A/C in 20degree weather?

is there a way to turn off ALL auto controls? and just have it manual to the way i want it to be?



............A/C in the winter.... :confused:

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You can sort of do that - if you hit the AC button, it will turn off (and the display will go from "full auto" to "auto" then if you set the mode to where you want it, it will remain fixed. Same deal with the fan speed. It will stay that way until you hit the "off" button, then it's back to full auto.


I often turn off the AC here as it's not needed to defog the windows most of the time since it's pretty dry in NM.

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