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Heated mirrors/wiper de-icer not working on my 08?

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Okay, i admit this may be hasty, as i have only had the car for 3 days, and i haven't needed them. But i have been able to search out all my other questions easily, except this one.

I can't seem to get the side mirror heaters or the wiper de-icer to turn on. The indicator lights for the wiper de-icer or the lights on the mirrors dont turn on. I know it has to be below 41 degrees for the wiper de-icer, which it currently is 32. Rear defrost works fine, with that on, still nothing from the wiper de-icer switch. Is there some magic that they know that they are not need, so i can't turn them on. But if i try when icy/mirrors fogged, they will work?

Im asking because im taking it in to get the 30k done, and im making a list of little things for them to check as well. (like my nav not sending the time to my dash, as it needs reprogrammed/updated anyways).

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