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acefighter028: 1994 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan

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Finally got around to picking up the car today. washed it and cleaned it out. Got it for 1500












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very nice man having the window sticker is a sweet touch too! I had a 93 SS sedan 5mt and I loved, still regret selling it to this day since I only got $1000 for it :mad:. What are your plans for it?


I found that when i got home and i was very pleased. I am just going to use this as a daily driver. I have a 99 civic Si that is my baby. All i really plan to do is new tires and brakes. Then later get it repainted the same color, get the rust fixed, tint the windows, remote start and keyless entry. Perhaps more in the future. But just a daily driver for now.


Read check engine code. 22. knock sensor. I dont know if its because he didnt use premium or its the knock sensor being bad.

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Nice to see you finally picked it up! I love the window sticker and all the manuals. Enjoy it! I'm still working on getting mine to run right after almost a year of working on it. Keep an eye on the head gaskets. If you run into any problems let me know since I have replaced just about everything on mine, lol.


That window sticker is pretty accurate. I get about 18-19 mpg city driving, always premium gas.

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Well after getting new tires i started hearing this constant thumping noise in the rearend so after lifting the car up and checking for anything loose. Diff, half shafts, carrier bearing and sway bar end links i couldn't find anything wrong. After 30 min of troubleshooting i grabbed the wheel and the damn shop i took it to get the tires done didn't even tighten the lugnuts down. The wheel was wobbling. Kinda glad it was something that simple.


Well anyways. New steering wheel on and steering column cover. Kumho Solus KR21 85,000 mile tires. All i need now is to replace the knock sensor, battery clamps and turn the airbag light off.





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