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ICE TRIALS 1/20/13 - Hustisford, WI

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Will I see any of you guys tomorrow? Any locals that will drop by?

Details here:



Looks like we are going to have clear ice. Studs will rough it up a little for stock class but I am still concerned about getting any traction with my 8 years old Nokians (50% thread left, WTF?????!!!!! :eek: )


I was hoping to get some pointers from you guys since it will be my first ice trial and first time on clear ice. What's the best way to force it to rotate, flick and full power to force oversteer ? Front will plow in the beginning as it usually does and I can't use E Brake....by the way can someone explain to me please why exactly we can't use E brake on legacy while STIs can?

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3 feet ??? Hopefully after this week's crazy low temps :) no, "just" 12". According to some study I read a while ago, 3" is enough to hold average size car. Next event Feb 3rd. Sign up people, spots go fast. Best $40 you will ever spend
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