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Transmission Line Leak


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Sorry everyone, I should post more helpful things than posts for help. But here I am asking for advice. I noticed this leak in my line from my 5EAT to the trans filter (behind the battery, I always thought was bizarre but convenient). Am pretty sure its the trans filter line anyways... At this junction the rubber has pulled away from the case. I've tried squishing that little bastard back in with no luck. I don't want to tear it. I am capable of replacing it but luck is never on my side with little maintenance projects like that. What do you think?



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Doesn't look too terrible but there is definitely some seepage there. you could replace the line but I would try putting a new hose clamp on it and snug it down. The oem squeeze clamps aren't the greatest sometimes.
'08 Legacy 2.5i - hybrid intake - delta 1000 - E85 - magnaflow exhaust
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