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Accessport Not Fully Recording Logs


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Ok, my accessport is only storing about 1/4 of the logs that I do, and the rest never gets recorded. This happens at random, and I dont know how to recreate or fix the problem. Before I do a log, I'm in the live data mode and I hit the "ok" button and wait until "initializing" goes to "logging". Then after the log, I press the "ok" button again. When I pull the logs from the accessport to the computer, via accessport manager, I get this (see attachment). I first wanted to see if anyone had these problems/solution, then I'll talk to Cobb about it. My Accessport has the latest updates btw.


My Log List:




-Feedback Knock

-Fine Learning Knock

-Ignition Timing

-Knock Sum


-MAF Volt


-Throttle Position

-Wastegate Duty Cycle



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