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where to get axle rebuilt in socal.


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Due to labor costs, it is more expensive to rebuild your OEM axle than it is to buy an already rebuilt axle. We replace with rebuilt OEM axles. Subaru no longer rebuilds them so they are rebuilt by aftermarket companies. They do carry a lifetime warranty. In 3 years, we have had 1 lose the boot strap and we replaced it (parts were covered under warranty).
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yeah just a little note, don't buy the brand new Chinese ($59) ones either. they explode! speaking from experience! Buy reman. its the way to go, you will have to pay for a core, but you will return that after your axle has been replaced. There is nothing like showing off to your friends how fast your car takes off, and ka-boom! all the sudden two wheel drive at 50%, and parts on the ground, first thought TRANSMISSION! Limped home and completely detonated the outer joint and housing, impressive cheap crap!
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