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Now available at Subimods ***Replay XD1080 HD Camera System*** Smallest HD design!


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The newest HD Camera on the market is now available @ Subimods


Still Small & Simple - That’s what the Replay XD1080 is all about. Starting with the small design of the Replay XD and a clean sheet of paper, we managed to put full HD into a small package. Featuring a water-resistant, hard anodized, rugged aluminum housing for your extreme adventures. The Replay XD1080 is the smallest and lightest full HD action-camera on the market. Simple, two-button ON/OFF and Start/Stop make the Replay XD1080 camera easy to operate. Simply turn it ON and Press Record to Start. The built-in LED & Vibration Feedback tell you that you’re ready to go. It’s really that simple.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsCHw1pAl4k]Replay XD1080. Full HD is now Smaller & Lighter. - YouTube[/ame]












Removable storage: microSDHC (up to 32GB) - 4GB micro SDHC Included

H.264 Codec, Quicktime .mov file type

Video resolutions:

- 5 MP (2592 x 1944) CMOS Sensor

- 1080P 1920 x 1080, 30 fps, Bitrate M(bit/s) = up to 15M

- 960P 1280 x 960, 30 fps, Bitrate M(bit/s) = up to 15M

- 720P 1280 x 720, 60 fps, Bitrate M(bit/s) = up to 15M

- 720P 1280 x 720, 30 fps, Bitrate M(bit/s) = up to 15M

- HDMI HD Video Streaming, Real-time HD H.264.

- NTSC 30/60 and PAL 25/50 option


Powered by: Rechargeable Internal Li-ion Battery 3.7 V, 750 mAh - up to 122 minute record time

Size: 1.1 in Dia. x 3.6 in Length, 1.063 in mounting dia.

Weight: 3 ounces including battery and microSD card


- 1 Replay XD1080 Camera

- 1 HeimLock adjustable mount

- 1 LowBoy fixed mount

- 2 Flat Base VHB SnapTrays

- 2 Curved Base VHB SnapTrays

- 1 4GB microSDHC Card

- 1 USB Cable

- 1 HDMI Cable

- 1 Univ. USB DC Wall Adapter

- 1 Car USB Charger

- 1 Nylon camera case and silk camera bag


One year warranty



​Contact us for pricing SHIPPED!!!

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I know nothing about this, but price to 90723?


do it have any type of suction cup to mount them outside the car?


This is what comes in the kit




There are other mounting options but we don't stock any of them as of yet since its such a new item.

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