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ER HC, No Crank, No Power on OBD Port, Fuel Pumps do not prime

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2005 Legacy GT


I was doing some work on the legacy in the engine bay (EL header, bigger IC, Aeromotive FPR, composite TGVs, ID1000s with PnP harnesses, no electrical work). I did bolt the engine ground on the passenger side to the block (was on factory header heatshield). Unplugged the battery during install and let the car sit for 2 months. I did unplug the main engine harness but I did plug it back in correctly (not first time doing this). All pins looked fine. Charged up battery and installed the ground cable on battery. Had the crank sensor unplugged to prime turbo of oil. Put the key in the ignition and went to crank it. No crank and ER HC on gauge cluster and water temp at max. I tried plugging in my AP and its not powering up. I thought it could have blown the 7.5A ecu fuse under the hood (EG1+B) so I replaced it and still nothing.Twin walbros do not prime (they are on relays). If I plug in the green connectors, the car does not go into test mode (same ER HC).


The headlights, turn signals all work, radio works. Im worried my ECU somehow took a crap unless there is another fuse im missing. Maybe someone else ran I to this issue. The car ran perfectly fine before all this work.


Battery is an Optima Red Top and is about 2 years old. Terminals are clean.


Any help is appreciated.

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