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Cheap and Easy way to mount/relocate your front license plate.


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While I was waiting for some PB Blaster to set in I thought of making a license plate bracket since mine was just screwed into the bumper by the previous owner. Unfortunately I live in one of the few states that requires front mounted plates. Here is what I came up with...





4 Screws (Anything works)

2 Brackets from a set of cheap window blinds that are sold at any major retailer.

There is only one in a box and they are used to support the middle of the blind, we never use them.

2 Bolts with washers (Used to secure Plate to Brackets)




Drill Your pilot holes for the brackets. Make sure they are the correct width.




Mount up the brackets.




Bolt the plate to the brackets. I used stainless steel so it wouldn't rust and discolor the plate.




Voila! You're done. I mounted mine to the right side just to see how it looks but the beauty is you can mount just about anywhere. The other benefit is that the screw holes are small and located on the underside of the bumper so they won't be as noticeable if you ever have to remove them.

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