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Test Driving a 06 Manual Gt


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Hi Im new here,


I am looking into buying my second car, and I have been looking for a lgt in manual since I was 15 :spin: , but I finally found my luck.

I was very close to buying a 06 speed6 a couple weeks ago in super good condition (with all service records) but I am still waiting on the owner to call me back and see if he will change his mind on my offer. What are your thoughts on a speed6 (oddly insurance is around 140 bucks 6/mo off from a lgt)?



Link to car:



My main questions are:


When looking at it tomorrow what should I mainly look for? (I have heard clutches usually go out at 60k (I know it depends on how you drive it) and is it just me or this price is a little steep?

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Don't listen to experts telling you how long a specific clutch will hold in a car. Mazda's clutches supposidly go at 30k and I have 140k on mine and it holds strong like a MF. 80k on spec b, not a hint of slip at stage 1 power levels. By the way, that's the least of you problems. It's a ware item, just like brakes are, only with little bit better life expectancy ...at least for some people :). Make sure to start car when it's cold and was sitting overnight. Call dealer and tell him not to touch it before you arrive. When cold all sorts of shit comes out. Listen for wierd sounds, excessive vibrations at idle, whine from the alternator. Smoke from the pipes...is it pure vapor or is it thick white smoke. Is tranny grinding at any gear? It would be more pronounced when cold. You know regular staff but I really advise on getting/paying someone who works on those cars to check it. Take is for a test drive to a shop that knows subaru. Compression test is a must IMO
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