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looking for 225/40r18 tires recomendations.


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Sumitomo HTR ZIII. Went through 2 sets of RE050A's, Hankook Ventus V12 Evo's and the Sumitomo's and I like the Sumi's the best. Great street manners, no performance defect I could tell at the autox and probably the cheapest option out there (In a ~300 treadwear category). The fact their not directional and can be rotated all around gives the best life but don't expect miracles with Max Summer Performance tires (I'd get about 1 year/15k out of a set of any of the above). Absolutely useless when there's snow on the ground but that's not what they're designed to do.


I went with Kumho Ecsta 4x UHPAS this last time and I've been happy with them (Kids plus the Nissan have regulated the Legacy to commuter appliance again) Work fine in the dry and wet and serviceable in the snow. I have X-ice2 winter tires that probably have a season left but haven't switch over yet.

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what kind of work gets you a discount at tirerack? and how much discount do you get? $1000 CAD for SuperSports is a really good deal


I work in a Autobody Shop.


Pretty much my discount will cover a little bit a shipping plus whatever I would get charged for duty.


Some reason star specs are not sold in this size on tire rack

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