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call me paranoid! those couple codes can take out both the turbo and engine. for example, i bought my car after the previous owner experienced a CEL, then a blown turbo, but luckily the contamination hadn't made it to the engine yet. still tore it down to the crankshaft to be sure. common story. probably not what happened to the OP, but I'm just sayin. sorry to be all gloom and doom. happy holidays :)
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Yes it can. Abs sensors mess up sometimes and speed sensors as well.


I used to be a lot guy for a Hyundai dealership. My buddy and I had to unstick every car and dig it out from the snow. A trail of blackish/brownish fluid would trail from both the engine area and the tail pipe and even sometimes coolant would drip as well.


Needless to say ill never buy a car that has sat through a winter on a car lot.


Better to be safe than sorry with checking it out but you should be fine.

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