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5EAT transmission shifting issues with grinding noise under load.

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1st time I have posted to this forum since finding it shortly after buying my 2005 LGT 5EAT. The car has 96K on it currently. Last night driving home from work I noticed the was not shifting going uphill. RPM's would climb but the car would not accelerate. There was also a perceptible rattling/grinding sound coming from under the hood but only under load. The sound would go away once I let my foot off the gas. I did make it home but when going out to check the car out this morning the battery died when I attempted to start the car with just a couple of cranks. Threw it on the charger for a few hours today and when trying to start up the car it will not start. The battery might be shot at this point but my question is this.


Is it possible a failing or faulty alternator and or failing battery would cause shifting issues in the 5EAT? Could the rattling/grinding sound have been coming from the alternator as opposed to the tranny? Going out to get a new battery this afternoon so I'll test this theory but has anyone seen or heard anything similar? Thanks.



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no CEL's?

test alternator

grinding is bad period, when was last transmission flush done?

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What you've described with the revs sounds like a slipping tranny.


However I would resolve the start/battery issue prior to doing anything tranny related. All kinds of funny stuff can happen with you put lower than designed Volts through the system.

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Thanks rob-2. Plan to address the battery issue today. I'll check the output of the alternator once I get that done. If it isn't looking right I'll get that replaced and see where it stands. Holding out a little hope that the tranny is ok. A new alt is a bit cheaper then a rebuilt tranny. Just a little. :-)
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Well, figured out where the rattling is coming from. New battery in. Started the car and checked out the rattling. It's coming from the turbo.


Another question...Does a faulty turbo cause shifting problems in the 5EAT?


well what would happen is the engine is not making power like it should . so to make it up a hill you have to give it more throttle so the tranny may shift back.


i think your turbo is just junk..


and dont start your car again untill the oil pan has been removed and cleaned with a new turbo.


when you start your car cold the debris is bypassed past the oil filter and set to all the important parts of your engine . ie bearings the bearings can be easily destroyed and then you will new a new engine.

Now that's thinking out of the boxer!:lol:

fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader

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